who are we? here is our charter..

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who are we? here is our charter..

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CHARTER OF THE Playteam (MNCs) act 3 of 27 October 2010

Honor, respect, fair play and loyalty! 


Where as recognition of the inherent dignity of all members of the family and PTM their equal and inalienable rights is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the group.

Where as disregard and contempt for the rights of gamers have led to acts of treason or voltface which have outraged the conscience of the gamer and the advent of a world where gamers will enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom of plots , rumors, unspoken or contempt has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the gamer.

Where as it is essential that the rights of gamer are protected by the rule of law so that the gamer is not forced, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny, digital defamation, abuse or disregard.

Where as it is essential to promote the development of friendly relations between teams.

Where as in the Charter established by Playteam has reaffirmed its faith in fundamental human rights of the gamer, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women, and they are determined to promote the progress in virtual and better standards of play in larger freedom.

Where as PTM is committed to ensuring, in cooperation with other teams, respect and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms gamer.

Where as a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the utmost importance to fulfill this commitment.
PTM has born or Playteam December 5, 2008.

The General Assembly of October 27, 2010 proclaims this player Bill of Rights as a common standard of achievement for all teams and all informal groups so that all gamers and all organs of the community, constantly having this charter mind, shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms and by progressive measures, by progressive measures, community and moral recognition and universal application and observance, both among the communities adhering to this state of mind themselves and among the groups under their protection.

The PTM group consists mostly of longtime friends. The group operates mainly MCLA, ptm is considered one of the most respected teams and most famous ...
All members must get along together, PTM maintains a highly developed team spirit. PTM emphasizes not the number of members, but rather the quality of the latter.
Not only about the conduct or his level of play but also on social relations. 
 is why most members are between 20 and 30 or more!
Several parts of the team evolve on GTA, Gran turisimo, Need for Speed, Call of Duty etc. ....
MCLA and of course ...

ACT Premier membership conditions

Article I

Any application for membership is through the forum, by email or PSN. Addressed solely to the chief executive.

Article 2

Playteam is not trying to make you waste your time on line, however, if a gamer has join the group, the group expects of him playing time and regular connection. Any member PTM should not be surprised if a director asks for explanations in the event of prolonged absence. 
 Each member of PTM must notify in case for leaving for a long period, the administration must be comprehensive.

Article 3 

In PTM patience and merit are virtues. 
 For all applicants testing will be conducted as follows. 
 The test duration depends on the feeling of team spirit and your potential. 
 Generally duration varies from 3 days to several weeks. 
 If a member is accepted into PTM, it is mandatory to open a new PSN account as follows: PTM-Example-

First paragraph

There after it is ESSENTIAL and COMPULSORY to connect with this account when you play Midnight Club Los Angeles and other games of the Playteam ONLINE.

Paragraph 2

If the coaching group notes bend the rules, after two warnings by email and PSN is immediate Termination without appeal.

ACT 2 Social Life, rights and duties of the PTM members.

Article I

Each member must provide their original PSN id each member of the PTM group, email address, it must equip themselves with Skype and register there and of course connect id, all on the forum.


Everyone must register on the PTM forum group , everyone must participate in discussing topics or create if the member has inspirations to communicate.

Article 3

All members have at their disposal the community forum, this is a tool used to express themselves freely and in mutual respect of each other.

First paragraph

Being registered on the forum does not specify any actual accession and membership in the PTM group.

Paragraph 2

Anyone outside the group is welcome and is invited to participate in each subject in a friendly atmosphere.

Paragraph 3

It is imperative that each member is kept informed of events the group organized. It is not systematic when a member avised by voice information during an online game ...

Article 4

Each member is a PTM talent scout. If a member meets a talent he needs to communicate the details of the team, website, forum etc. .. he or she will make a quick report of the person (if interested) for directors.

First paragraph

It will be his responsibility to inform the directors by the PSN message or via the forum or through MSN or SKYPE 
 the member shall make a brief description: Names and ages of candidates and comments on them.

Article 5

Each member is free to play as he likes to an extent acceptable to the PTM group in order to avoid progressive isolation of the group.

Article 6

Each member of PTM can claim all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Charter without distinction as to race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

First paragraph

There shall be no discriminations between members based on where a new member came from, whether that team be independent, trust, reputation of some kind.

Article 7

Any member accused of an act detrimental to the PTM group is presumed innocent until his guilt has been clearly established in a community trial where all the guarantees necessary for his defense have been assured. Nobody will be punished for actions or omissions which, when it was committed did not constitute a wrongful act by the law. Similarly, there will be no sanctions imposed stronger than one that was applicable at the time the act was committed.

Article 8
No one shall be subjected to verbal abuse or any type of physical interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Any member of PTM has the protection of the group and the law of the country where the member of PTM live against cons of such assaults or attacks. (usa or europe penalties or criminal prosecution)

Article 9
Any member of PTM is entitled in full equality to have his case heard fairly and publicly by a group of his fellow independent and impartial in the determination of his rights and obligations and the merits of any charge in community against him.

Article 10
Each member is entitled PTM to an effective remedy before the appropriate chief executive against acts violating community rights granted him by this present charter.

Article 11
Any member of PTM has the right to take part in the affairs of the PTM group, either directly or through freely chosen representatives or administrators.

First paragraph
Any member entitled to PTM access, on equal terms with community functions and administration of PTM group.

Paragraph 2

The goal of the PTM group is the basis of the authority of community this shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which must take place periodically, equal suffrage and EU secret vote or by equivalent free voting . A ballot will be held every six months. All members have the PTM vote.

Paragraph 3
Applicants must submit a suffrage agenda and a list of 3 members to fully administer the group. Applications and decision powers are validated by the deputy only guarantor of order and law. Only members of PTM over 6 months old are entitled to attend.

Article 12

Each group who succeeded in getting out, or coming out of the box tends to be controversial in the community. 
 Each member of PTM is the legal representative of PTM across all parties. 
 Each member is the guarantor of the image PTM and brand reputation.

Article 13

When a member is logged into the game, it is not unusual for him not to receiving invitations, this is normal. 
 The group is divided into several pairs or scattered in different parts, the member should not hesitate to Send a message via the PSN with a subject of "Prompt" and the community will enjoy to playing with him or her.

Article 14
Each member has the PTM right to participate freely in cultural life and social group, to enjoy their console and participate in technical progress, tips, tactics to play and its benefits.

Each member of the first paragraph PTM has the right to protect its moral and material interests resulting from any technical or artistic virtual is the author.


Article I
The Art Contest (MCLA) 
 These are events organized by the vice director of the PTM group, they are open to all those who want it. The conditions of participation are available on the forum for each event. 

Article 2
All tournaments will be organized by the vice director and his team. Any member may request PTM for more information about them. 

Article 3

Some teams organize events similar or totally different, no member need permission from the management group to participate. On the contrary: the community encourages everyone to come forward and make known to PTM through different events and different parties, in mutual respect. 

ACT 4 PTM give you WELL!

Article I

Each member of PTM can run, to evolve and training with some of the best gamers French about Midnight Club, gran turismo, gta, etc. ... It's a great way to increase their skills and benefit from Critics and driving tips, or play while having fun!

Article 2

Each member may experience other gaming experiences
PTM is a respected team and respect for other teams. 
 PTM has good relations with almost all of the Community Midnight Club even abroad (U.S., Belgian, Spanish, Middle and Far East etc. if the member is a polyglot, it is a plus)

Article 3

Everyone has the right to leave a team, including his own, and to return to his team.

First paragraph

At one point, it is possible that PTM do you not agree any more ... The administration, however, always try to find a solution. 
 Although one member decided to leave PTM, he or she must immediately be honest about the reason for his or her departure and notify administrators.

Article 4

Any member of PTM that reign in the social and the moral order in which the rights and freedoms enshrined in this Charter can be fully realized.

Article 5 The Member PTM has duties to the community Playteam in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.

First paragraph
In exercising its rights and the enjoyment of freedoms, everyone shall be subject to limitations established by the rules of the charter only in view of securing due recognition and respect for rights and freedoms of members and to of meeting the just requirements of morality, order and community well-being in a free and stable group.

Paragraph 2
These rights and freedoms granted to members of PTM shall in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the team Playteam or other organizations in the PTM group.

Article 6

Nothing in this Charter shall be interpreted as implying for any team, group or person any right to engage in any activity or perform any act aimed at destroying the rights and freedoms set forth therein.


Vive la Republique, Vive la France, Vive PTM!

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